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GFC's Privacy Policy

At Girls For A Change (GFC), we care as much about girls’ online safety as you do. That’s why we make all of our web sites COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant and work with you to ensure a fun, healthy, and safe online experience for girls.

Before you visit any of GFC’s websites or submit any personal information, please read the following information and privacy policy. If you are under the age of 18, please ask your parents or guardians to read this policy with you. Please ask them to explain anything you do not understand and please get their permission before sharing any information, including your email address, with GFC or anyone on the Internet.

What is COPPA? The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is a United States federal law that regulates the online collection, use and disclosure of personal information from children under the age of 13. It requires that parents give their consent before personal information is collected online or is publicly disclosed online from or by children under 13 years old. The law also sets out the acceptable ways of determining consent and providing transparency online. Unfortunately, if you are under age 13, you can't register for any Ning.com social network including the Girls For A Change Action Network.

Girl Action Network Registration and Profile Data The GFC Action Network is created on the Ning platform. For starters, please read the Ning
Privacy Policy.
In all of GFC’s online sites we only collect the amount of personal information we deem reasonably necessary for participation in the particular product or online activity the information is being collected for. The personally identifiable information GFC collects online will never be posted, released, sold, or distributed to any third party outside of GFC. When you set up your member profile on the GFC Action Network, there are the fields marked private and that information will not be posted publicly by GFC.

Members Sharing Information within the GFC Action Network Once inside our online products (specifically the GFC Action Network), members have the opportunity to post information about themselves, including their state, screename and social action project ideas for other members to view. Though we collect certain personally identifiable information during registration, this is for for GFC's use in informing girls about new programs, and we don't post online first and last names, email addresses, zip codes, birth dates or other personally identifiable information. Members are asked to create a screename that is different from their first name for all online participation.

Content Submissions to the GFC Action Network Members have the opportunity to submit content, including but not limited to blog posts, videos and photos of their own creation to the GFC Action Network. The GFC Action Network is moderated and we will ban in a timely matter members who post objectionable material. Please email
[email protected] with any complaints.

Forums and Blogs GFC operates a number of public blogs. On the GFC Action Network, all members can blog or participate in forums, however, GFC reserves the right to remove objectionable material and/or ban any members posting objectionable material. Please email
[email protected] with any complaints.

Send to a Friend On all websites operated by GFC, individuals have the option to send a notice to a friend or an invite informing the friend about GFC and our products. In this process, GFC collects the sender’s first name and the recipient’s email address. No personally identifiable information is collected from the sender. The recipient email address is used for a one-time email communication and is then deleted.

What if I want to review the information my child has provided or don’t want my child’s personal information collected or stored? Parents are always welcome and encouraged to review the information their child is sharing online, and are encouraged to be active participants in all of their child’s activities. At GFC, we see parent involvement as a vital part of maintaining a safe and healthy online environment. If you wish to review your child’s information, you create an account on the GFC Action Network and search for your child's screen name to review their profile. If you want your child's profile removed, pleased contact GFC and we will ban them from the network within a reasonable amount of time, defined as the number of working hours or days needed to access and delete the targeted information and cancel the child’s membership or participation in other online activities. Please email
[email protected] with any complaints.

Transfer of Information in the Event of Change of Ownership GFC reserves the right to transfer personally identifiable information in the event of a change of ownership of GFC to another organization that would continue to run the website in the same manner. Such transfer of data would be necessary to enable the new owner of GFC to facilitate log-on for existing GFC members and to allow access to the Network.

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