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GFC International: Akilah Institute For Women Update from Rwanda

"The Leadership and Ethics Course for the foundation year is based on the development and implementation of an Action Plan Project. When we received the GFC Girl Action Team Coach Tool box I was very excited as it provides guidelines and activities which make it straightforward to deliver and the students easily understand it.  Students have been divided into 6 groups and each group has identified a root cause to a problem they want to tackle in their communities. This week students begun the process of writing out their projects and it is really exciting to see young women who had lost hope for their own lives begin to work on creating a difference in their communities.

Some of the root causes the young women are tackling include, Lack of creativity & innovation as a cause of unemployment, Ignorance as a cause of malnutrition among children, alcoholism and drugs as a cause of Conflicts between husbands and wives, prostitution as a cause of HIV & AIDS.  The students are very excited about that social change projects. It was amazing to see each group make their commitment to their project basing on the Land of Commitment exercise."

-Irene Kagoya, Leadership and Ethics Instructor 

 In This Photo:  A Group of amazing women from the Akilah Institute for Women!

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