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PHX girl action teams

PHX Girl Action Team Projects (2009-2010)

Below are projects girls across Maricopa County created in the 2009-2010 program cycle.

Team 1, Coronado High School, Scottsdale: School Spirit Is SWEET
Girl Action Team 1 was troubled by the negative attitudes some students had on their high school campus. The girls believed that by promoting school spirit and highlighting the positive opportunities their school has to offer, they could increase student engagement. The girls partnered with the Student Council to pass out candy with messages regarding campus activities once per month on their school’s Spirit Day.  They hope to see an increase in campus sprit over the next semester.

Team 2, Gateway Early College High School, Phoenix: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault
The girls at Gateway Early College High School are dismayed by the number of young girls that that have experienced sexual assault; thousands of incidents which go unreported. They believe that it is critical for survivors to get the support and services they need in order to move forward and break the cycle of silence. The girls collected information and resources from various community agencies to distribute at their campus-wide health fair. The girls believe that by raising awareness and providing resources, more survivors will speak out and get the support they deserve.

Team 3, Back To Life, Glendale: Be A Drug Free Family
The girls of Team 3 believed that when teens feel the stress of family problems, drugs often seem like an easy way to escape or cover up the challenges they are facing.  They found that when family members abuse drugs or alcohol, teens are four to seven times more likely to use drugs also. In order to combat this growing problem, the girls created a documentary and interviewed teens facing these challenges. They asked the teens to share their stories and also their healthy coping strategies. The girls believe the personal messages will create a greater awareness of how family situations can influence teen substance abuse. They hope it will inspire others to seek help and make personal changes.
Team 4, Carl Hayden High School, Phoenix: Don’t Judge; Educate!
Team 4 would like their peers to have accurate information about the reality of sex and the consequences. They feel there is too little accessible and accurate information available to students; which can lead to harmful decision-making. The team hosted an awareness week at their school. They administered a student survey, distributed fliers, and aired a public service announcement on the school broadcast system. All their efforts were aimed at providing accurate health information that would help students make informed decisions to wait longer. Download Don't Judge; Educate!

Team 5, Cesar Chavez High School, Phoenix: Speak Out Against Control
The girls at Cesar Chavez High School were concerned about the number of girls in controlling relationships and how this control could lead to other forms of abuse. They believed that if girls could recognize and detect early warning signs, they would feel more empowered to walk away. The girls wrote and performed an original skit that focused on recognizing how and when you are in a controlling relationship. They hope to also post the video on the internet in an effort to support healthy dating relationships.

Team 6, Cholla Middle School, Phoenix: Start Loving Your REAL Self
Team 6 was fired up about changing the media-constructed stereotypes of what beauty looks like. They created a web site to show what healthy bodies like and the negative effects of unhealthy dieting. They also created and distributed flyers to their classmates to encouraging them to check out the site. They hope to help girls change the way they see themselves and others. By giving information on healthy habits and showing what celebrities really look like before and after they are airbrushed, they want girls to realize there is NO perfect body. The web site is: http://chollachange.weebly.com/

Team 7, Crockett Elementary, Phoenix: Before You Use, Get The Facts
Girl Action Team 7 was worried about the peer pressure young people face around trying drugs.  The team decided to create a positive message campaign to educate their peers.  They shared different facts on the topic during daily morning announcements for two weeks. The facts included information about the harmful effects of drug use. They also created a poster campaign with messages that will help students resist the temptation to start doing drugs. The girls got the word out about how to have fun without using drugs.

Team 8, Kuban Elementary, Phoenix: Peer Pressure Hurts Everything 
The girls at Kuban Elementary are concerned about the amount of peer pressure they are facing.  They have witnessed students being pressured into things they did not want to do because they were not sure how to say “no.”  The team brainstormed creative ways to resist peer pressure and created posters to hang all over their school with tips for resisting peer pressure.  The girls hope that when someone feels pressure, they will not give in and they will have the tools they need to say no. 

Team 9, Sullivan Elementary, Phoenix: Project Peer Pressure; It’s Ok To Say No
Team 9 was alarmed by the amount of drug abuse in their community and the impact it has on young people dropping out of school. They believed peer pressure was the primary reason young people experimented with dangerous substances. The girls wrote public services announcements discouraging students from ever trying drugs. Their messages were played weekly during school announcements. They also wrote and preformed a skit about how to “just say no” in front of their peers. The girls hope that raising awareness around this issue will lead to a permanent change in the community and fewer kids will drop out of schools.

Team 10, Orangedale Preparatory Phoenix: Revolutionary Change – Ending Hate Speech
The girls of Team 10 believe that hate speech perpetuates racism. In order to address this growing issue, the girls chose to create posters that address the harmful affects hate speech can have on a community, and how it leads to racism. They also wrote in their school blog and encouraged students to stand up and ask questions about racism. The team believes their project helps youth understand how hurtful words continue negative patterns of prejudice and discrimination. They believe eliminating this speech make their community a safer place to live

Team 11, Carl T Smith, Phoenix: Increase Self Love, Stop the Bullying!
Team 11 identified verbal abuse and bullying among girls as a problem in their school. They believe that many girls struggle with low self-esteem; which then results in aggressive behaviors and attitudes. They decided to survey the girls in their school about how they felt about bullying, why they bullied, and what support they need to feel positive about themselves. The girls created posters that displayed the survey results. The posters will increase awareness about this growing problem and how to increase self-love. The team feels that standing against this type of behavior among girls creates positive change and a safer space for all students on campus.

Team 12, Boys and Girls Club- Barker, Scottsdale: Be Yourself! 
Team 12 noticed that girls in their community were lacking the confidence and self-esteem they need to be successful in life!  In order to reverse this trend, the girls decided to create t-shirts with messages that encourage a positive self image. They also wrote and directed video with strategies on how to be your true self. They hosted a party at their Boys and Girls Club where they wore their t-shirts and showed their video to all of the other Club Members. They hope that by promoting their message, girls will have safe ways to deal with these issues and be more prepared for their future.  

Team 13, Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies, Peoria: Start Protecting Yourself
The girls of Team 13 wanted their peers to know that it is ok to not be sexually active.  With teen pregnancy on the rise, the girls believe it is important to spread the word about peer pressure around sex and the impact it can have on young people’s decision making.. In order to create awareness, the girls produced a video that highlighted the reality and consequences of sex. They want their video to influence teen opinions about sex and for teens to think critically about decisions that affect their lives.

Team 14, The Girl Steering Committee
They are the voices and leadership body of Girls For A Change in Phoenix and have helped with the strategic vision and future of the site. The Girl Steering Committee has devoted time this year to speaking at GFC networking events and advocating for girl leadership. 

Team 15, Bernard Black Elementary, Phoenix: Don’t Get Played
The girls of team 15 were concerned about the number of unintended pregnancies in their community. They believed that unhealthy dating relationships between young men and women encouraged an environment of destructive decision making that could result in teen pregnancy. In order to model healthy relationships, the girls wrote and performed a played for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at their school. By focusing the play’s content on positive behaviors in relationships, the girls hope more young people will think twice about actions that will impact the rest of their lives.

Team 16, Garcia Elementary, Phoenix: Date Healthy; Be Healthy!
Team 16 felt passionate about reducing the number of girls experiencing teen dating violence in their community. They got permission from the school principal to create a human billboard campaign and wear t-shirts to school displaying the message, “Date Healthy, Be Healthy,” on the front and various facts and statistics about dating violence on the back. They believe that educating their peers about the downfalls of sexist attitudes will help promote a positive dating environment.

Team 17, Hamilton Elementary, Phoenix: No More Child Abuse
The girls of Hamilton Elementary were outraged by the number of child abuse cases reported each year in Maricopa County. They believe that substance abuse in adults can perpetuate aggressive behaviors and increase the number of children at risk for abuse. The girls created a public service announcement at MyStudio in Arizona Mills Mall. The short video challenges adults to think about how substance abuse can lead to unintended, harmful and destructive behaviors toward children. It also encouraged children who are in dangerous situations to seek safe and supportive help. The girls are showing the PSA during their school’s morning announcements and also at an upcoming open house for parents/guardians. Watch The Video  

Team 18, Fees Middle School, Tempe: Promoting Acceptance
Team 18 observed discriminatory behaviors toward gay students at their school. They believe these attitudes stem from moral opposition to gay rights and that the beliefs can lead to hateful actions. In order to spread the message of peace and acceptance, the girls designed rainbow head bands that displayed positive messages to help people understand how their actions can hurt others. The girls wore and distributed the headbands at their schools multicultural festival.

Team 19, Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies High School, Peoria: Girls Against Abuse
The girls of team 19 want to encourage a community environment that supportes healthy relationships. They believe understanding how to be in a healthy relationship requires knowledge and education. They organized an awareness day at their school and invited a speaker from the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence to talk with the students about the necessary foundation for a healthy relationship. They also handed out pamphlets with resources and support to get more information. The girls hope this awareness will help students make healthy decisions about current and future relationships.

Team 20, La Joya High School, Tolleson: Self Serenity
Team 20 was concerned with the growing number of teenagers turning towards self-mutilation as a way to cope with depression. In order to encourage young people to seek healthy alternatives for dealing with this serious issue, they organized a “speak out” event at their school. A professor and specialist in the field of self-harm from ASU was invited to speak at the event in order to help the community understand this growing issue and provide resources and support to help end it. Watch the video

Team 21, Supai Middle School, Scottsdale: Posters For Peace
The girls at Supai Middle School created a poster campaign to spread the word against peer bullying they witnessed and experienced in their schools. The girls believe that the conflict is often rooted in racism and disrespect for differences. Their hope is that the by hanging the posters up around the school and displaying messages of acceptance and peace, they will promote social change and help students realize that racism still exists.

Team 22, Arizona Agriculture and Equine Center, Phoenix: Humanitarian Immigration Reform:
The girls of team 22 were outraged with the signing of Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070. They believe the bill’s creation and passing was driven by racist thoughts and fear. The girls are concerned the bill will reinforce, amongst other things, the illegal practice of racial profiling and lead to decreased safety among community members. In order to address their growing concerns in a peaceful manner, the girls organized a human billboard campaign and designed t-shits displaying messages of fair, legal, and safe immigration reform. Their hope is that by raising awareness about this critical issue; voters and community members will rally for equal and fair protection under the law.

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