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NYC Girl Action Teams

NYC Girl Action Team Projects (2009-2010)

Spring 2010:

NYC #2 – Creston/E. Fordham Academy I – Preventing Date Rape
The girls on this team found that studies show that girls under the influence of alcohol and drugs are more susceptible to sexual assault. So they contacted Safe Horizon's Rape Victim Program and wrote a short play. The play and a presentation by Safe Horizon will be presented to the school in June. The goal is to inform girls about the dangers of using alcohol and drugs and also tips for staying safe. They hope this education will keep many girls out of situations that end in sexual assault.

NYC #3 – Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice – CommUNITY Mural
The girls of UASCJ want to increase multicultural understanding among their highly diverse student body.  To start the conversation, the team is planning a mural that will wrap around one of the staircases at the school. In partnership with a local artist and supported by the faulty at the school, the girls have designed a mural that highlights the many cultures represented at the school and promotes peace, friendship and understanding. The mural will be completed by the end of June.

NYC #4 - Creston/E. Fordham Academy II – Standing up to Pressure
In talking about the causes of teen pregnancy, girls felt like pressure, particularly pressure from boys, leads to girls having sex before they are ready. Girls believe this pressure increases in middle school so they are working on a prevention assembly for 5th graders. The assembly will focus on how to stand up to peer pressure on a variety of issues. The team is reaching out to local resources and creating their workshop. They plan to present their project in June.

Fall 2009:

NYC #2 - MS 399 in collaboration with Morris Heights Health Center
In their second year of GFC, the girls of MS399 decided to tackle the issue of human trafficking. The girls learned more about this issue in partnership with the non profit Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) which is based in New York City. After getting educated, the team decided on the root cause of commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls. They identified this cause after discussing the media's sexualization of women and its glamorization of "street" life. After several delays due to snow, the girls held their educational event on March 5 at the school. At this event, they had a presentation by GEMS and the girls discussed the media's role in exploitation of women. They also shared resources on how to get involved in stopping human trafficking. The presentation had over 60 participants!

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