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DC Girl Action Teams

DC Girl Action Team Projects (2009-2010)

Spring 2010:

DC Team #1 – Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Know what Harassment Is and How to Report It
The girls at Thomas Jefferson wanted to be more knowledgeable about sexual harassment. In order to educate themselves and the student body, the girls made a film about what sexual assault and harassment are defined as and how to reach out to resources. The girls’ film centers on a young woman who is having an uncomfortable interaction with a young man at school. The video discusses what actions are harassment, what the consequences are and how to report the incident to school staff. Girls are putting this on the Doorways YouTube channel and sharing it with their peers. The video will be posted here soon!

DC Team #2 – Washington Latin Public Charter School – Building Self Esteem
After breaking down the root causes of several issues, the girls kept coming back to self esteem. They decided to get the word out to their peers about how to raise self esteem and feel more confident. The team met with their school counselor to learn about resources that exist at the school and in the community. The girls then created a website to guide teens to resources on this topic. The website will is being released internally to their peers.

DC Team #3 – Poe Middle School - Respect Yourself and Others
The team at Poe is working on encouraging respect in the student body.  The girls have created a timeline for implementing their ideas, worked on drafts of posters to display, and came up with ideas for plays. They want to present their resources and their play to the entire school in June. The idea is to change how youth respect themselves and others to combat several social issues in their school.

DC Team #4 – Gunston Middle School – Building Healthy Relationships to End Bullying
The girls of Team #4 discussed several root causes of the bullying they see at school. They found that abuse at home can often lead to youth bullying others and that youth are not sure how to respond to bullying when they see it. To learn more, they had a guest speaker from Doorways for Women and Families. Then, the girls decided to create a video to share their learnings. The video addresses building healthy relationships with parents, guardians and others around you as well as ways to handle bullying when it occurs. The video was shown at school and will be shared on the Doorways YouTube channel. Check back in late June for the video link!

Fall 2009:

Team #1 - Doorways for Women and Families and Arlington Parks and Recreation @ Thomas Jefferson Middle School: P.A.W.S. Protecting Animals With Sincerity
This is the very first GFC project completed in the DC area! The young women of Team #1 decided they wanted to create change around animal abuse. With their Coaches, the girls learned more about what animal abuse is, laws in their community and resources available. In February, they completed their project of creating an educational video that addresses animal abuse, proper animal care including meeting the basic needs of animals and the laws that define animal abuse for their city.This educational video tackles the root cause they identified of people not fully understanding proper care for animals and what is defined as animal abuse. Checkout their video here.

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