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RIC Girl Action Teams

Richmond Girl Action Team Projects (2009)

Girls For A Change empowers young women to create change in their own communities with the guidance of adult women. About 5-10 girls and two women “coaches” meet weekly for 12 weeks to decide how they will make a lasting change in their neighborhood, city or school. Check out the social change projects girls in Richmond implemented in 2009. 

View a slideshow of GFC Richmond Girl Action Teams and their projects here!

Team #1, Albert Hill Middle School – Making our School and our Community a More Positive Place!
The girls at Albert Hill have chosen a project focused on three topics that are important to improving their school and community. They will put on a play for their school during the school day and after school for the community. It will feature three acts focusing on peer-pressure, conflict resolution, and self-esteem. The girls are writing letters to local business for support and resources. They are also working with the school for rehearsal and production space. Each girl is part of a committee working one of the three acts, marketing or back stage work. Stay tuned for the date of the event to be announced on the GFC website!

Team #2, Binford Middle School – Stopping Peer Pressure and Violence
The GFC girls at Binford Middle school have decided that peer pressure and violence in the community is a big issue. They are in the middle of planning a project around creating awareness and educating people in the community and at their school about the dangers of being peer pressured and how that can lead people to join gangs and become a part of violent and hateful behaviors. They feel this is a social change project because the one way to stop violence is by educating people and making them aware of this issue in the community. By creating a campaign and awareness day within their school, their classmates will become more knowledgeable about this issue and hopefully let people know that violence isn't the best answer.

Team #3, Chandler Middle School – No More Drama, Promoting Sisterhood
The girls at Chandler are ready to put a stop to the drama. They are putting together informational brochures and a presentation educating girls on how to avoid violent or aggressive situations. The presentations will also educate the participants on the consequences of a simple argument and what can quickly happen when that argument grows. The girls will hold a car wash to raise the money. With their funds, they will create ribbons to hand out with the brochures. The girls are committed to ending all the drama and having girls work together in sisterhood at their school!

Team #4, Thompson Middle School – Inspiring our Peers to Stop the Harassment
The Thompson GFC team is creating an assembly that includes skits and a community speaker. The assembly focuses on sexual harassment and gossiping. The girls chose these topics because they feel students do not understand the boundaries for appropriate physical and verbal contact at school. They also included gossiping because they think that links to unnecessary drama that is started at school and can lead to harassment. The girls have developed skits and have a community police officer scheduled to speak. Through their assembly, the girls hope to get their peers involved in stopping these behaviors.

Team #5, Henderson Middle School– Cease the Violence Against Women
The girls at Henderson are planning a rally to end violence and sexual assault against women. Their rally will be held at a local community center and will include guest speakers from community organizations working on the issue, information about resources available in Richmond and a self defense workshop for participants. The girls are also doing media outreach with local newspapers to spread the word about their event. The team believes that education and awareness about this issue will mean a safer place for women and girls.

Team #7, Thomas Jefferson High School– Abstinence Alliance – Ending Teen Pregnancy by Boosting Self Esteem
The GFC Team at Thomas Jefferson is encouraging self-esteem awareness in schools as they determined that low self esteem is a root cause of teen pregnancy.  For a week, students at TJ will have an opportunity to give compliments to other students at lunchtime through a large poster.  Then, on Compliment Day, which is Friday, May 1, the Team will hand out Self-Esteem Awareness Ribbons. The girls will give compliments throughout the day, and hand out ribbons encouraging others to pay the compliments forward. The team hopes to create a wave of self respect in their school.  The girls are also sending out a press release, reaching out to Richmond Public Schools, the Mayor, the district Superintendent, state Legislators and the Governor in hopes that Compliment Day will become an annual celebration in Richmond City Public Schools.

Team #8, John Marshall High School– Be Informed – Know the Consequences of Drug Use
The goal of the John Marshall GFC team is to make the students at their school award of what really happens when harmful drugs are used and to also let students know how to get help. The girls feel that it is far more common among teens that it should be. And they think this happens because most of their peers are not educated enough by adults on the subject. The girls are creating posters to display in the cafeteria and will also delivering a presentation to all health and PE classes in the school. The presentation and the posters will include statistics on drug use and its effects as well as resources available in the community for help. 

Team #9, Huguenot High School– Self Esteem Showcase for Middle School Girls
Girls on the Huguenot team want girls to feel  more confident and think positively about themselves. To accomplish this, they are starting with a self-esteem showcase at middle schools with plans of taking this everywhere! The girls have created a presentation that includes skits, a poetry reading, a dance and interactive activities for participants. The teams believes this infusion of self-esteem and confidence will allow girls to be more educated and make positive choices when they enter high school.

Team #12, Camp Diva – Building Relationships with Fathers to Build Self-Esteem
The girls at Camp Diva began with wanting to address girl fighting in their neighborhoods. As they started digging deeper to root causes, they discovered a root cause: girls low self esteem often resulted from girls’ relationships with their fathers. For their project the girls recorded a CD bringing awareness to the importance of the relationship between fathers and daughters and the impact it has on a girls’ lives. The CD includes interviews of two fathers and three of the Girl Action Team members. The girls asked questions of the men and each other about how to create, or in some cases rebuild, relationships between fathers and daughters. The recording will be played on local radio and available on GFC’s and Camp Diva’s websites so other girls can listen to and learn from it.

Team #13, Elkhardt Middle School with ART180 – Spending Wisely to Stop the Recession
The team at Elkhardt is designing a project to raise consciousness in the Richmond community about the effects of rising prices in the area. They want to empower their neighbors through financial literacy and how to use money wisely to combat the recession. The girls will use their artistic voices to convey this educational campaign through painting and photography in an activist art exhibit. The exhibit may find itself traveling through local businesses, libraries, or the downtown ArtWalk. Keep an eye out for an announcement about their exhibit!

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