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Women Shaping Afghanistan

By Stephanie

At times I believe that people in our country take all the freedom and rights we have for granted. Although there is much inequality in our communities, there are other cultures and countries that have extreme views on the rights for women.


Compared to these countries, the United States flourishes in opportunity. A country like Afghanistan has locked the doors of opportunity for women. Their structure has molded young women to become a very particular way with no room to experience leadership; no worries because this is beginning to change drastically. In 2005 something happened that would change Afghanistan into becoming a place for men and women to work side by side at the decision-making tables.

The first woman provincial governor was appointed by President Karai. Habiba Sorabi was a minister and now governor of Bamiyan province. Sorabi was born Mazar-e-Sharif and spent her childhood traveling with her father around the country. She attended high school in Kabul and later studied medicine at a university. As a graduate she received a fellowship by the World Health Organization. She then moved to India and successfully completed her work in hematology. She also worked underground as a teacher for girls secretly in Afghanistan and in refugee camps.

This woman has taken risks in order to help young women receive opportunity and equality. She became General Manager of the Afghan Institute of Learning.

Sorabi expresses the day she was appointed governor,"Today is a very good day for me. It is another important step towards women's rights in Afghanistan." The country already has three female Cabinet ministers and many females serving as deputy ministers.

Ambassador Jawad says, "The appointment of Governor Habiba Sorabi is another step forward in the government's continued efforts to increase and strengthen political leadership by women in Afghanistan." This country has been through dangerous turmoil that must be worked on. In order to reconstruct Afghanistan, women must be involved to make decisions also.

Habiba Sorabi has proven that women can truly take a stand and be heard. Women are no longer just creating social change in their communities; we are now creating international change around the world. World...here we come!

Stephanie is an artist, musician, activist, and is a Sophmore in college majoring in astrophysics and art. She has been with Girls For A Change for five years serving on the Board and doing public speaking. "Soy el futuro"

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