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What Girls Say...

Powerful What They Gain…

  • 80% of all team participants will indicate an increase in personal empowerment, self-esteem and/or self value gained through participation in GFC.
  • After joining GFC: 86% of girls reported know something or a lot about social change.
  • 80% of girls responded that they had a vision or idea about how the world should be after joining GFC.
  • 85% of girls reported meeting positive adult role models in GFC.

Why They Joined…
“The reason I joined GFC is that there is something I’d like to change in my community. I want my community to be closer. Maybe occasionally there would be a gathering for everyone in the community to come together and know each other. I also want to help girls fight for their beliefs. “
- Siu-Hua, 18 years old

“I think I am a creative person and I think outside of the box. That is why I love GFC because it gives me the chance to voice my (sometimes weird) ideas. Since this is a pilot program all ideas are considered and I feel that I am really making a difference. There are lots of times at school and in the world when I don’t feel like people are really listening to me or they think my ideas are too different, here I am heard. This project is giving me the opportunity to do what I love, make change. GFC gives me a place to do something meaningful and worthwhile even as a young woman, I know in the next three years this program is going to change communities for the better.”
- Emily, Founding Girls Steering Committee Member, at 16 years old

“I joined GFC because I wanted more girl friends and to meet some positive influences for myself and my son. Now that I am a mom, I don’t want to hang with the same crowd, ya know, gangs and stuff, I have seen so many babies grow up around that kind of situation and I want the best for my son! I stay because it helps me a lot. It helps me believe in myself, put different perspectives on things, helps me think new ways about things. I don’t want to be involved in gangs because of my son but I don’t know how to meet girls like the ones at GFC. I would not hang with these girls before, you know they are so different from me in some ways, some are in college and still in high school, some are white, different ethnicities, some believe in different religions. But its weird, we all have a lot of the same problems.”
- Rebecca, Founding Girls Steering Committee Member, at 18 years old


“I am a part of GFC because I would like to change the amount of violence and gangs in my neighborhood. There are lots of teenagers bored with nothing to do. So they get in trouble. And some of them are my friends and people I know and care about so I want to prevent them from getting in trouble and give them something else to do. I want them to have something to work for. That is what I am going to create through GFC, some community activities that my friends and the other teens in my parts will do, that will keep them away from the cops. I am not sure how I will do this – but we are working on it here at out GFC meetings – get back to me in a little while. Peace.”
- Crystal, Founding Girls Steering Committee Member, at 15 years old

“GFC is the perfect vehicle for getting the message out that women are powerful and intelligent and beautiful beings. I want to become a lawyer with an emphasis in domestic violence. I have seen too many women fall into that path and I want to teach girls about that now while they are still young, I am doing that through GFC.”
- Jennifer, Founding Girls Steering Committee Member, at 19 years old

What They Learned…
“The GFC experience helped me be aware of what is going on in our community. For example, I was not aware that our school did not have any recycling program. We basically polluted our campus with trash. There were some things we could have saved like paper. With the GFC, we were able to take care of that problem.”

“I have learned that I do not have to do everything on my own, because there is always my girls to back me up on anything either personal or otherwise.”

“Words can’t describe, it's something you have to experience for yourself. I have become a better person.”

“I can do something about things that I don't like, or at least try!”

“Don't assume things will get done. Check in. Think about starting something yourself.”

“How to accept other people's point of view. To be resourceful.”

“I can help solve problems in my community whether they are big or small and I've learned to take action.”

“While brainstorming with my team, I have come up with lots of new and interesting ways that I can make my community a better place to be not only for myself, but for others.”

“I learned that I have a lot of cool ideas that I just need to take the time to think them all the way out and then I can come up with cool solutions to things.”

“I learned that I can really help make something happen when before I was not sure that I really could change anything at all.”

What is Possible…
"I think now about being a senator, because I met one in GFC. She was really nice and her life is kind of about making the world a better place and I want to do that and she really thinks we can."
- Cecilia

"In my neighborhood there are a lot of things I want to change, more street lights, more stores, more nice houses, more flowers. I don't know where I will start but my and my group will decide and then we will work to change it."
- Diana

“I have gained a sense of accomplishment. We had an idea and we are making it happen. The whole process, like getting funding, I feel is important. That this is going to come about because of us, I feel proud.”

“I like that they help us get into the real world. We are kids; they give us connections because we don’t have the exposure. It is a window of opportunity. They have jobs, they know where this funding is, where to go for publication, where you get support and more knowledge and they show us how to do the same. Now I know how to get support for my ideas, how to get jobs like they have and more stuff like that.”

"GFC gives me time to think about things I usually don't think about, like the people in my community who need my time more then the mall needs my time."
- Norma

"My vision for the future is that I will work with GFC forever. Work with community service. Get more youth involved. Be politically active. Combat stereotypes and racism. Create world peace. Help countries cooperate and respect people from difference countries."
- Naeima

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