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What Coaches Say...

"You walk away feeling good about yourself, feeling good about the girls, and you make friends. It’s rewarding."

"The simple act of listening and believing in [the girls] meant the world to them. Having an adult in their life that they could talk to without judgment changed the way they thought about themselves and their world."

“I leave team meetings amazed at how energetic, intelligent, and insightful the girls are. We talk about everything from racism, poverty, to of course, middle school romance! I walk away inspired.”


"If you’re looking for an ongoing connection with a group of girls, this is the right opportunity.
Works seems so uptight, this life changing experience is refreshing."

The greatest thing about coaching has been watching the girls’ self-esteem and confidence grow exponentially since starting the program. The girls have gone from shy and 'taking the world as it is' to outgoing and 'changing the world to what it needs to be'. They are willing to tackle problems and keep working toward improvement."

"I’ve felt an improvement in my life through this. I’ve found a greater purpose for my own being. And the constant enthusiasm and support of GFC staff has kept me afloat to want to do more for my team as well as my own life friendships/relationships. Thank you over and over again for this life experience!"

"The solution focused nature of GFC is very positive & builds resiliency. I feel more positive as a person."

"I discuss my coaching role and my team in job interviews! Everyone is impressed."

What coaches say they’ve gained from coaching:

  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • How to listen
  • Patience
  • How to be an activist
  • Insight in to the lives of youth
  • Better attitude at work and in personal life

Your Comments

RespectRx said:

One of the most amazing experiences I get to have week after week is coaching Girls For A Change Team 13 at Overfelt High School in San Jose. Through this awesome after-school program, these young women are becoming true social change agents.

Their project this year is to prevent teen pregnancy by educating girls about: how to make informed choices, how to protect against the risks that come with being sexually active, and how to get support and resources along the way.

Already they have invited experts to their meetings to educate them about pregnancy and STDs. They came up with a timeline for developing their program and planning a workshop presentation. They have narrowed down the three points they will cover. They even got a grant to fund their project! Every meeting, they are making decisions, leading, listening to one another, and forming strong bonds of sisterhood.

Mostly, they are discovering as one team member, Thalia, put it: "I'm learning that teen girls can get together and change their community."

Apr 22, 2007 10:51:01 PM

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