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Team 8: Coach

Nl0706coachhilite Stopping the Name Calling at School

Team 8 knew that many of the fights and broken friendships at their school resulted from rumors, name calling and talking about other people. The team created one day at the school where students were encouraged to stop name-calling and stop talking negatively about others. The girls and coaches were role models on Don't Hate Appreciate Day by wearing special t-shirts and being leaders in the effort. They also presented to Ida Jew Elementary School students about the issue and encouraged the students there to participate in the movement.

First year coaches Sasha and Sarah had this to say about their experience:

"The wisdom the girls brought to the project amazed us. The growth and connection we experienced as a team was so rewarding, and then on top of that we felt so proud to see the girls follow through on tasks every week. This experience taught us so much!"

Thank you Sasha, Sarah and Team 8 for the change you've created this year.

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