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Nl0305team22 Girl Action Team 22, Evergreen Valley High School, South San Jose was featured in the November 2004 edition of Moxie as they had just completed the brainstorming phase of their anti-smoking campaign entitled SCUPINO. Since then, girl action team 22 has secured grants from GFC and Youth Service America and is in the final stages of image design and placement.

They have networked with design and marketing consultants, including New Girls Network Project Consultant, Shirley Horn. SCUPINO is now ready to take off and reduce the "cool" factor of smoking and to make sure young people realize the consequences and dangers of smoking before they actually start. Beginning in April 2005, SCUPINO images, with the slogan "Don't Give In" will be placed on billboards, buses, mail kiosks and everywhere teens hang out to warn prospective teen smokers about the health issues associated with smoking in a way that is informative and makes an impact.

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