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Donor: Judy Kramer

Nl0305judykramer Judy Kramer was the very FIRST individual donor to GFC. Just a few short years ago, Girls For A Change was approached for the first time by an individual interested in contributing to the magic of GFC. Four years later, we have grown our individual donor base ten-fold, yet still remain close to our first donor. This year, we were thrilled to receive the fourth check over four years, from Judy, and wanted to share the exhilarating moment with you all:

Whitney Smith, GFC Co-CEO: "When I checked the mail, I saw a check from Judy with a great note of support. I was filled with such gratitude; it was as if the challenging week just disappeared. I felt re-invigorated. We at GFC have amazing individual donors and Judy led the way for this! Each time we get a check in the mail from an individual donor, each time we open that envelope, it is not just the valuable monetary support that is encouraging, it is also the affirmation that people are cheering us on to empower young women. It is the reminder that there are many individual donors, a community, who believe in the mission of GFC and the power of young women to change the world. Thank you Judy from the bottom of my heart for being our partner in Girls For A Change."

GFC would like to Judy Kramer and all ensuing donors who have contributed through their time, money and energy to empower girls to create social change in their communities. Each and everyone one of you makes a difference. Thank you.

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