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Continuing the Revolution

By Stephanie

In 1910 Baltimore, Maryland would undergo a change forever as Pauli Murray was born and would grow up to become a civil rights advocate, lawyer, poet, feminist, teacher, and ordained minister. Murray was of African, European, and Native American decent. She attended segregated public schools and graduated from Hunter College in New York.

After college, Murray could envision changing the world from its racial segregation into a place of peace and opportunity for women and minorities. She became active in the National Urban League and the Workers Defense League. She advocated civil rights for all races in struggle. She dedicated her entire life to create change within the world during a time of oppression, segregation, struggle, and violence. She accomplished many goals and was first at some of them.

Murray became an attorney, a professor, an activist for rights of minorities and women, a founder for NOW, a poet, and a priest. In the 1940's she was arrested for protesting segregated seating on buses. She was a professor at Brandeis University and Vice President at Benedict College.

She was first woman to graduate in 1944 at Howard University Law School, first African-American to be awarded a Doctor degree from Yale, first African-American woman to serve as assistant attorney general of California, and at age 66 she was appointed the first African-American woman priest of the Episcopal Church. She died in 1985 and it was no longer just Baltimore that changed, but the world. She demonstrated leadership, risk, and passion.

Pauli Murray has helped in this revolution; the revolution that GFC is standing in the middle of today. This "woman revolution" has been going on for centuries and we are just another century that needs to make more  change

Stephanie is an artist, musician, activist, and is a Sophmore in college majoring in astrophysics and art. She has been with Girls For A Change for five years serving on the Board and doing public speaking. "Soy el futuro"

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